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Our life insurance needs change over time, so it's important to review and update your coverage as things change.  As a local agent, with a family, I take a personal interest in making sure that your coverage is exactly what it needs to be.

I represent only those companies that provide quality products and services and that have the highest ratings. 

Contact me for a review of your needs and coverages.  I've helped many clients have confidence that they have the right coverages at the right rates for their specific situation.



A cancer diagnosis or critical care situation brings enough uncertainty.  Cancer and Critical Care policies help provide financial support so you can focus on that which is most important.

If you are not familiar with these types of policies, contact me and I can walk you through how they work and what they typically cover.  These policies can fill important financial gaps that other insurance products do not.

Not to be overlooked in your total Life and Health insurance plan is coverage for Dental expenses.  Most plans are very affordable and cover preventive, basic and major procedures.  There are even plans that offer vision and hearing benefits.

If you're not currently covered by a Dental plan or if you're interested in learning about addtional plan options, then contact me and let me show what is currently available.

Life insurance

Medicare supplemental insurance

Whether you are getting ready to retire or are already enrolled in Medicare, I can help you evaluate your options and compare rates and coverages.  I take time to make sure that you have a full understanding of your coverages and costs before you select a plan. 

If you are planning to retire, please contact me so that we can build a calendar of dates specific to your situation.  This will help ensure that you don't have to rush a decision to hit a deadline.  There are a lot of websites that claim to help you with the process - they mainly want your contact information.  I'm a Reno-based agent that will sit with you and go over everything specific to you.

If you are already enrolled in Medicare, it is a good idea to review your coverages annually as plans and your situation can change.  Contact me for an independent assessment; if you have the right coverage at the right cost, I can give you that peace of mind.